RUMOR: April fools: Panasonic to drop all micro 4/3 except Panasonic GH4?

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UPDATE – April Fool's Joke!

43rumors has admitted it was an April Fools joke… they had me (and many others) believing it was true. I'm sorry I was duped and fell for it. I considered not posting because it might have been a prank, but I also think there's some truth to it, micro 4/3 may not last long.

UPDATE: Sorry, you ave been fooled by April 1 fools day rumors. Hope you didn’t get a heart attack 🙂

To Vitaly (not that he'll ever read it here HA!)… It was well played, I was fooled and published a story based on this. I'm a fool, but you damaged credibility with many in the process. April 1st or not I won't be sharing your news again.

Vitaliy Kiselev is reporting that a secretly recorded audio of unknown origin confirms that Panasonic is about to drop micro 4/3 production.

Our thanks to Mark Johnson II for sending in this tip (you can always contact me with hot news!)

We note that April 1 – also called April Fool's Day has already started around the world – but I don't think Vasily would post this as a joke… he says he's been hearing rumors about organization changes at Panasonic for a week or so.

Vitaliy says:

Last week multiple sources on the web told that starting of new financial year for Panasonic will be highlighted with reforms and changes necessary due to huge losses.
Only last day it become known how deep they will be thanks to leaked recording that 43rumors got from anonymous source.
Digital cameras division staff will be significantly reduced with all engineers working on new consumer camcorders and m43 cameras abandoning their work and moving to mobile division.

“video with no video”

audio only

Translation posted on the video and Vasily's site

Igor Yakusuni4 hours ago

This is the translation from the conversation:

Second: … factories sold, and now we will follow.
First: Really?
Second: Yep
First: How they plan to do it all in three months? What will happen to most engineers?
Second: Have no idea. They must know better than us.
First: And current products?
Second: Said that we have bunch of unsold stock that is enough for many months.
First: Do they plan to have meetings with staff?
Second: Yes, they'll be soon, in two days time, so keep mouth shut until then
First: You said 70% will be fired or transferred from our division?
Second: Yes, they plan to transfer some people to work on smartphones sensors as 30% must be enough to work on big bodies.
First: Sounds good. And we will be left working of new full frame to compete with Sony?
Second: Yep, they need people to design them and new lenses also.
First: New mount, new lenses. What they are thinking?
Second: May be that we produce huge losses still.
First: Yes, we loss a lot.
Second: They just could not wait any longer. Sad is that micro four third system will be dead in two years time. As Olympus is planning to merge with Sony in same time and can abandon small sensors also, as I heard.
First: OK, thanks for information
Second: Sad day.
First: Sad day.

One of the comments on Vitaly's site:

dalubo 1:15PM
I heard from some very reliable sources that Canon is about to take over the Panasonic camera division. And that Olympus retreats from MFT too.

What do you think? Is micro 4/3 dead in 2 years?

Sound off in the comments below!

Panasonic news

From the financial times on March 27th:

Panasonic is to merge its consumer electronics business with its IT division, as part of a Y300bn ($2.9bn) two-year effort to move the lossmaking Japanese manufacturer away from unprofitable products.

So maybe it isn't April Fools

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I don’t believe it and still think it’s an April fools joke. I guess we will find out soon enough.

  2. M43 is already dead – both of it’s proponents are financially teetering and market shares are shrinking. No new converts in spite of several nice offerings. Anything with a smaller than aps sensor is doomed to very small niche market and miserable margins. Look at marginal penetration statistics for two largest markets – Europe and North America – and kiss them goodbye. If the fat lady isn’t singing, at least she’s warming up.

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  5. This would be very funny if it wasn’t also litigious. You can’t just spread rumors that could potentially damage a company and then shout “April Fools.” Shame on the person that started this silly rumor. It doesn’t take much thought to realize how ludicrous it would be to kill the very thing that has the entire industry buzzing. Ask B&H, Adorama and Amazon if the pre-sales of the GH4 indicate that “micro 4/3 is dead.” Very poor taste to even repost this potentially damaging joke, IMHO.

    1. Author

      Vitaly seemed very convinced it wasn’t an April Fools joke… I now see that 43rumors admits it is a joke.

      They got me.

    2. Agree, bad taste, worse intention. Dmall sensors ARE dominating photo industry.

  6. I’m not a Panasonic owner. But this “joke” is just the sort of disrespectful, bandwidth wasting crap that makes me want to unsubscribe. I’ll give you one more chance.

    1. Author

      Tim – I was taken by the joke as well and I’m not happy. I thought there was truth to the story so I published. You can unsubscribe if you want but I did NOT originate the joke I am a victim of it.

  7. M4/3 is already dead. Just think about teh market size for the M4/3 equipments and how come people still prefers to pay more for at least a crop sensor form canon or Nikon. M4/3 jus came to make noise and no one took it serious.

  8. I am compelled to post after reading the comments above. Anyone getting worked up over a RUMORED post by Planet 5D should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Planet 5D prefaced the article with “RUMOR” of which the information WAS a RUMOR, and had been posted on several sites. +1 to Mitch

    2. Planet 5D warned people that this could have been an elaborate April Fools joke, despite several other websites not stating as much. +1 to Mitch

    3. We are all human. Suck it up. The joke was on ALL of us and it was a good one. It lasted all of about a day so cry me a river. -5 to all the whiners

    Final Score: Planet 5D (2), whiners (-5). Clear Winner: Planet 5D (and all the other reasonable people out there).

    1. Author

      I wanted to thank you for your kind words… I feel badly that I even reported this at all. I’ve heard of people inside and outside of Panasonic thinking the worst. It is just a bad bad April Fools joke to play on anyone.

  9. Holy smokes people, chill out. If you have an issue with an April Fools prank that was basically played on the entire indie filmmaking community, take it up with the people who set it up. You want verified news sources? Go talk to CNN or Al Jazeera. This is a Blog and a good one at that. Take it for what it is and move on.

  10. Hey people, relax, it’s not the end of the world. Give Mitch a break, he made a mistake, he admits it, now give it a rest. Mitch puts a lot of effort and time into this website, so to chastise him for this is ridiculous, everyone makes mistakes. Move on!

  11. Guys this was so obviously an April fools joke. Vitaly always does one and people fall for it principally because they are not aware that Russia is in a more advanced time zone so April 1 starts there early compared to the rest of Europe or the US. To say you will ignore news from him is not such a mature reaction. You can’t go in the huff just because you fell for it. Have a laugh and move on.

    1. Author

      Duncan, YOU know vitaly, I don’t, and 99.999% of the world doesn’t. People were making life decisions based on his “joke” – people inside Panasonic were calling their spouses saying their jobs were going to be cut.

      Sure YOU knew it was a joke because you know Vitaly, but there were many people hurt by this. It has nothing to do with a “huff”

      This kind of false story is just wrong in my opinion. If you want to have fun with a joke then ok, make it obvious to the world that it is a joke and we can all have fun.

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