Panasonic GH4 4k DSLR video

Panasonic GH4 Price set @$1,698 – pre-orders begin – Gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines! *UPDATED

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Panasonic GH4 comes with an incredible low price of $1,698!

Adorama has just emailed pricing info for the Panasonic GH4 and it is indeed as low as many speculated (and lower than my sources told me it would be)… Panasonic GH4 Price set @$1,698!

UPDATE: Panasonic just published a press release with this additional tidbit:

Panasonic announced that the Lumix GH4, the first DSLM with 4K cinematic recording capability, will be available at retail locations at the beginning of May

Plus, the “brick” (also known as (Panasonic YAGH Interface Unit) is priced at $1,998

Buying them both together will save you $398 for a total price of $3,298

Pre-Order Links

Adorama told us the pre-ordering would begin tonight at midnight eastern time! I suspect B&H will follow suit.

Panasonic GH4 Body only (Adorama) – (B&H) – (Amazon)

Panasonic DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Camera with Interface Unit XLR inputs HDMI (Adorama) – (B&H)

Panasonic YAGH Interface Unit XLR inputs HDMI (save $398 when pre-ordering the GH4 and the Interface Unit together, rather than separate) (Adorama) – (B&H)

The new Panasonic GH4 - 4k video included - price? Who knows

The new Panasonic GH4 – 4k video included

Panasonic GH4

Here are my key bullet points from reading thru all the materials:

  • LUMIX G lens mount (no Canon or Nikon mount options) PL adapter option
  • 16.05mp Live MOS sensor
  • Venus Engine image processor is quad-core cpu
  • Max ISO 25,600
  • 50% faster readout of sensor reduces rolling shutter
  • Photos up to 60 minutes
  • 12fps stills bursts
  • Splash proof (and they even explain what that means – other camera companies don’t seem to want to explain their phrases)
  • Real time HDMI out (4:2:2 / 8 bit (recorded to SD as 4:2:0) or 4:2:2 / 10 bit)
    • ** Not sure if this REQUIRES the Professional 4K Video Interface Unit (Optional)
  • Video:
    • 4k 24p video (4k and QFHD)
    • Different compressions and outputs (.mov/mp4/ALL-I or IPB)
    • Vast number of options for frame rate and bitrate depending on compression selections
    • Up to 94fps
    • Cinelike Gamma (flatter profile similar to CineStyle on Canon I’m guessing)
    • Zebras
    • Focus Peaking – also available over wi-fi for smartphone! (also for stills)
    • Headphone jack for monitoring
    • Time Code – Rec or Free Run
    • Color Bars
    • Center Marker
    • Synchro Scan (suppress flicker under fluorescent lights)
    • No recording time limits (within limitations of format and camera sales area)
  • wifi – stills and video control and viewing via smartphones and tablets
  • Can embed GPS data via smartphone connection
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Connect with smartphone via QR code display on monitor
  • Timelapse built in
  • Stop Motion animation support
  • Professional 4K Video Interface Unit (Optional)
    • adds 2 XLR inputs
    • audio monitoring
    • volume controls
    • professional workflow
  • 4k video with simultaneous 8.8mp photo capture (not specified how you capture these)

What do you think?

So, sound off below in the comments letting us know if you're going to be ordering!

What's your expectation for delivery?

Will you be getting the ‘brick' as well?

Panasonic GH4 with the professional audio and 4k workflow grip

Panasonic GH4 with the professional audio and 4k workflow grip

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Great article. I’ve been curious about the GH4 pricing. I think $1700 is good pricing. I’m sure they will discount it to $1500 or less before long.

    So basically, for $3300, we have a unit that is likely comparable for filmmakers to the C100. Plus we get 4k. And if we can get a 4k codec that isn’t a pig, this is the camera I want in my kit.

    The quality of the GH3 is outstanding and is being used on broadcast TV often now. I suspect GH4 is going to find a great niche in low-cost productions.

  2. $1,700 is great! I mean $2,000 was a good price. This camera seems to be popular because you could use it for things like weddings (even in 4k) as well as films. It also can be upgraded with the battery grip thing which is a bit more than I expected. If I had the money to buy a new camera, It would be this one.

  3. I hope Canon shits in his pants now and is going to wake up in April with a big refresh of their EOS C line because THIS price AND 4K AND Wifi, 422 and 60 frames in full HD – oooohhh I hope Canon will upgrade soon – because I have only Canon lenses.
    This GH4 sounds fantastic!

  4. Pre-ordered mine over the weekend. At this price (or more) I anticipate a huge number of GH4’s being purchased – by little wannabe directors and even large production companies just wanting to see what the buzz is about. Frankly, if this camera lives up to the hype it will have all other manufacturers scrambling. Within six months, everything is going to change in the same way it did when the Canon 5D Mark II came on the market.

    1. Author

      I hope you used our links 🙂

      I expect there are a lot of people pre-ordering today! Hope yours is early enough to get one of the first ones.

    2. While you’re right and this camera may change the game once again–but please don’t belittle “little wannabe directors” as everyone here on the site is learning, and this site is definitely not a place to be judgmental.

    3. I pre-ordered mine too. I agree about the grip, not quite sure why it’s so much, but I picked it up as well. And yeah, this is one of the cheapest cameras I’ve seen in a while, had to order it. I couldn’t wait for a price cut, so I had to order it. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and just play with it. It’ll be just like Christmas.

  5. Just pre-ordered the camera, can’t wait to put it to use on my 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. The price is much less than I expected, and too good of a deal to pass up. The add on grip is very costly, so I will wait on that. Maybe the price will drop on the grip in the future.

  6. I saw a video recently where a guy was holding the GH4 with the base station attached and it didn’t look all that bad. Yes, a little on the big side but not terrible in my opinion. So, I don’t think that’s a problem but you still wouldn’t want to shoot hand-held video with this unit without a shoulder pad/rods/matte box set-up attached to it. Speaking of a matte box, still no built in ND so you’ll need a matte box and several ND filters for those outside, full sun days. Price, amazing! Game changer, probably BUT all those of us with Canon, Zeiss, Nikon and other lenses not Lumix will be waiting for a Metabones Speed Booster, Fotodiox or other adapter before we can seriously consider the GH4. Can’t wait to see what people shoot with this. Put those videos on the web guys as soon as you get shootin’ with your new GH4s!

  7. More of a question. The quality of video that I’ve seen so far is great and I only have a 2550 x 1600 monitor so I can only imagine what it would look like on a 4096 x 2160 monitor. I have no Panasonic lenses but I have many Canon and Nikon lenses. Is there an adapter that does an electronic connection like the EOS-M adapter does with Canon EF lenses where even IS is maintained? I have no intention of buying another lens set — otherwise I’ll need to wait for Canon and/or Nikon to go 4k. A similar question: Does anyone make a full adapter like the one on the EOS-M? I’m just so impressed with that adapter since I have quite a large selection of Canon lenses.

  8. Nice thing is you can use nearly all lenses including canon via an adapter Because it’s mirrorless

  9. Hi Guys, I am new to photography – please explain what the implications are with : LUMIX G lens mount (no Canon or Nikon mount options) PL adapter option…?


    1. There are adapters but as I understand it you lose the electronic side, so no stabilization, or autofocus. If I am wrong please someone correct me. So you have to go manual all the way if you use your Canon EF lens. If you need the IS and autofocus you will need to use a MFt mount lens with the features.

  10. Ordered, (no brick, I’ll use a Zoom H4n and Plural Eyes), haven’t decided what to do about lenses because of the collection of Canon/Sigma/Tamron EF lenses I’ve acquired, especially as I’d have to see how they will perform in the 4K environment with an adapter vs whatever new lenses/modified lenses are better suited for the G lens mount. thanks you, Mitch, and hopefully you’ll see some results or “accidental” side-by-side comparisons to the FX100 output which is what most of the interviews have been in the last 2 months.

    But the sad part is getting rid of the 6D I bought less than a year ago, expecting great things from the full-frame format but completely underwhelmed by lack of features (no clean HDMI output? no live autofocus?) plus the disgusting moires.

  11. The price alone is well worth it. A lot of other cameras can go for much more, even double that, so I feel this is quite fair. I will hopefully be getting one of my own very soon. I’m debating on whether or not I should pre-order it or not. It’s a great camera and I should just go for it now.

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