Lucky Winner of the DitoGear OmniSlider on planet5D

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Our recent giveaway is over unfortunately for most… it is sad that we can only pick one winner… but the random number generator picked Patrick Stapleton to receive the DitoGear Omnislider!

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for Patrick, but I also know many of you were really hopeful. It is unfortunate to disappoint so many – but don't fret! We've got plenty more giveaways lined up – at least one more from DitoGear and several others are coming too.

Congratulations Patrick Stapleton! You win a DitoGear OmniSlider on planet5D!

Here's what Patrick had to say when notified of winning:

I'm extremely happy to win this fabulous prize, thank you so much Ditogear and Planet5D. I only occasionally enter these kinds of competitions, I guess assuming that I'll never ever win. However at least in this case, it seems the old saying “you've got to be in it to win it” is actually true 🙂

While i've dabbled in video since 2008, I only really started to get serious when I purchased a Canon 5D Mk II three or so years ago. Since then i've steadily uploading to my youtube channel (tonant22), gradually learning more and more about the art of story telling through moving pictures. I really love the learning process and with making films there is always plenty more to learn.

I read a lot about cameras and film making online. It seems quite of a lot of shots being made by DSLR users include movement in some form or another and this is something I have been looking to include more in my productions, especially at the beginning of scenes to establish them with more polish. I've used a slider before and expect to great use out of the Omnislider adding left/right movement to shots that I would normally shoot static from my tripod. But also, with the servo feature, I think I'll be able to try controlled vertical movements as well. Also I'm excited to try it with time lapse photography.

Can't wait to get my hands on it. Mitch, I'll post you every time I use it in a production 🙂

Thanks DitoGear!

And thanks to DitoGear for giving us an awesome prize to give away! Check them out and see what other great DitoGear products they have to offer.

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)


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  1. Congrats Patrick. I know for one I would be very excited if I won this myself. Please do make good use out of it, and show us here at Planet5d what cool things you will be doing with it. 😀

    I hope you guys (Planet5D) put out more cool contests like this. I would be very happy if you guys did this more often. 😉

  2. Yeah I totally second having more contests here. I have been enjoying this place a lot over the past few months and I am very excited to see what kind of contests you guys bring in the coming future.

  3. Ah man, I was really hoping I’d actually luck out and win this, ugh, I never win anything. Oh well, life goes on, and I would obviously like to congratulate the winner as well, so congrats go out to Patrick. Please tell me how it is. I’d love to know.

  4. Good on ya Patrick my man, congrats on the win. I wish it was me too, but hey, we all win some and lose some. I hope you have fun with it and I really hope to see some quality videos made by you. Again, congrats, wherever you may be.

  5. You guys for sure have to host more contests like this. I too wish I would have won like everyone, but I’m happy to see a film maker who’s really interested in film-making win this prize. Have fun with your new toy Patrick.

    1. Thanks folks for all the congrats. I’ve been in negotiations with the Ditgear team and am picking up the feet to go with the slider as well. Very keen to get my hands on this bit of kit especially after watching this Youtube video . I guess my competition win ticket has been used so good luck to everybody else going forward.

      As soon as I complete a video with it I’ll let Mitch know in case he wants to post it and do a follow up story on the comp.

  6. @Patrick Stapleton Congrats  🙂 How is the slider working?

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