“London” – Shot with BMPC 4k Head-to-Head with Canon EOS 1D C

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Here's another test of the Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K, this time it goes mano-a-mano with the 4K Canon EOS-1D C.

I gotta be honest, even full screen I have a hard time seeing any major differences, but perhaps it's because of the Vimeo compression?

Wait a minute, perhaps that's the point. The Canon EOS 1D C sells for $12,000 and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K under $3,000!

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

4k Blackmagic Production Camera – London, Side by Side 1DC by James Miller


4k Blackmagic Production Camera – London, Side by Side 1DC / REFERENCE VERSION
Blackmagic Production Camera 4K on the Left of frame, Canon EOS 1D C on the Right of frame flipped.

See also full single HD versions.

BLACKMAGIC VERSION 1920×1080: vimeo.com/87274693

Canon 1DC VERSION 1920×1080: vimeo.com/87275831


Graded to roughly match.

Canon 24-105mm matching aperture but not focal length, adjusted to match field of view. This is a test on working with the camera compared to the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

Shot in film mode for the BM4k and Canon Log on the 1DC. Both cameras set to ISO 400
Found the sky hard to hold on the Blackmagic, only used rear screen so focus and exposure may drift.

This is a 1080p render as the Canon 1DC native keeps crashing premiere on out 4k.
Native clips from both camera to follow.

Thanks to Guy Thatcher & co (hireacamera.com) for the use of the Camera, Lenses and company 🙂

My other 4k Blackmagic Production Camera first test in Brighton: vimeo.com/86848769

Can you see a difference in the two cameras' images? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I looked at this without reading the description. I did cheat and pause every now and then so that I could look for differences. At first, I was thinking that the left side was a bit sharper, and had a little more detail in the silhouette shots of people off a ways, but after a while I was hard pressed to say that the left was better than the right side. I assumed the Canon was the left side until I had finished, and saw that it was the BMPC camera. For the money, I would pick the BMPC. But that is not taking into consideration all the other aspects involved, i.e. workflow, accessories, rigs, etc.

  2. Around 1:37 I thought the guy on the right was softer than in the footage on the left. Then I realised the cameras focused on different elements and he was simply slightly out of focus. Couldn’t honestly tell the difference.

  3. The differences are very subtle, colourimetry and the black can be equaled in post, I believe that some times the center was not in the same distance and that confuses enough, which this clearly is the price difference.

  4. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference for the most part. I know there’s some brightness differences between them both, but they both look generally quite good. I have to say the right side is more appealing to me, maybe it’s because my eyes usually focus more on the right side of things. So I think the Canon does it more for me. It just looks far more clearer than the Blackmagic production camera.

    But still, both are of very good quality.

  5. Both look very equal to me, but there are some instances where I can see some small differences. Most people wouldn’t know the difference. The overall resolution of both is great and at times it’s one or the other for me. Sometimes the Canon looks better and sometimes the Blackmagic camera looks better.

  6. Yeah I can’t say I see too many differences. I feel like both cameras do the job very well, and it is true that a lot of people probably wont notice the difference, but I did notice some things. During some parts of the video, for the bmpc4k, I did noticed background being harder to see, like words tend to be less bold and harder to see. Otherwise, both look fantastic side by side.

  7. It’s funny how the quality isn’t that much different between these two cameras. The price difference alone is a killer in my opinion. The Canon is of impressive quality, but the Blackmagic is close behind it, and at near $3000 only, that’s a huge difference. There are some small differences, but a lot of people wont notice them unless they were actually looking.

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