Just Like You – Music Video Shows 9 Months Go By in 4 Minutes

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The magic of cinema is alive and well in the music video “Bosley – Just Like You.”

Director Matthew Riggieri and Director of Photography Michael Patrick O’Leary compress time to make an ordinary location look extraordinary. Bosley sings and dances as the seasons change around him – and the effect definitely gets your attention!

Nine months of shooting with a stationary camera meant that Riggieri, O’Leary and Bosley headed out to film on location day after day, shooting the same scene over and over. Patience paid off with a unique and interesting music video.

Bosley – “Just Like You”

Finally, Bosley’s long awaited “Just Like You” video is out. This took nine months to film. We literally set the camera in concrete so it wouldn’t move at all through the seasons. Then we built a fake outhouse around the camera so no one would steal it. The diligent and dedicated ”Bosley” went out and sang through the same routine over and over for nine months. enjoy.

Director: Matthew Riggieri

Director of Photography: Michael Patrick O’Leary

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  6. This is dedication. 9 whole months to make this video, that’s seriously dedication man. I wish I had the patience to make a video like this. Did they at least release the song before the video? I wouldn’t be able to wait, that song is good too. Great video, great song. Thanks for sharing.

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