We found this last night and wanted to post immediately but we also wanted to check some facts first…

Forest Gibson reported just the other day that his 6 month old Blackmagic Cinema Camera started smoking during a shoot in his apartment and provided the short film seen below.

While Forest later tweeted that he thought it might be the battery, I contacted Switronix, maker of the battery used in this shoot, and they just told me:

We actually spoke to this client and our battery is in perfect working condition. Black Magic is looking into their camera to see if it was an internal short.

Forest also tweeted that the battery (tho he yanked it out immediately) was cool to the touch:

Black Magic Camera Battery Exploded (Aftermath)


I’ve been trolling the ‘net and haven’t found any other reports of this happening to Blackmagic Cinema Camera cameras so I certainly don’t think it is a major issue with the camera.

So we certainly don’t want to set up any kind of panic – thousands of people are using their Blackmagic Cinema Cameras without incident. But it is also good to know BlackMagic is looking into this situation quickly!

Cheers to them for the quick action.

[source: cinescopophilia]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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