edelkrone Introduces the New, Heavier-duty Slider PLUS PRO

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edelkrone announces a new, beefed-up version of their award-winning slider, the SliderPLUS PRO.

While the previous model, the SliderPLUS v2 was rated for lighter camera setups, the new SliderPLUS PRO can smoothly move up to 30 lbs. of gear.

Available in three lengths – Medium (20″), Large (28″), and XLarge (35″), the SliderPLUS PRO is compatible with the motion control units. Happy sliding!

What's new with the SliderPLUS PRO

The Magic is still there, yet better

SliderPLUS PRO benefits from the award-winning (Videomaker's Editor’s Choice Award at NAB Show 2013) SliderPLUS V2 design.
The unique design offsets the rail system, doubling the sliding distance.
So you get double the camera movement in terms of actual body size of the slider.

New stylish look

With its smarter, simpler design, SliderPLUS PROis easier to clean, maintain and adjust. 
It’s also very easy to install and adjust the timing belt, which is required for edelkrone’s motion control units.

Includes dolly feature

The crushing advantage of edelkrone’s slider system is still there.
 SliderPLUS PRO’s rail system offsets itself during slider operation. This way, during dolly in/out shots, SliderPLUS PRO discreetly remains out of your picture. You get to wield the advantage of having the perfect slider with amazing dolly feature.

Introducing SliderPLUS PRO

More SliderPLUS PRO Features

Time to sheathe, hide your edges!

The new pop-up camera mount screw appears and retracts with a simple tap. Great when you decide to pack your SliderPLUS PRO. 
With another sharp edge out of the picture, you keep your equipment safer than ever.

Compatible with the Target Module

You will compose your curved and parallax shots anywhere you can place your tripod on. Target module introduces responsive motion control technology (RMC). Target will let your camera lock onto the subject and keep it in the same position inside the frame.

Compatible with the Wizard Module

Just push record button and slide your camera, and the Wizard Module records your action and repeats the same shot as much as you want.

Leaving your slider behind? No more!

Sliders are vital for quality productions, yet they are cumbersome. edelkrone’s award winning slider design has changed this. 
SliderPLUS PRO lives up to the tradition, and delivers great slider movement distance in a smaller form.
 edelkrone’s new, top quality soft covers are included in the SliderPLUS PRO package. You can fit your slider in your equipment bag easily and safely.

edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO convenient case

edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO convenient case

Tripod ready, and very steady!

SliderPLUS PRO is tripod-ready right out of the box and performs best when mounted on a tripod .
The play-free slider/camera mount not only improves SliderPLUS PRO’s performance, but also improves its stability as an on-tripod component. 
When SliderPLUS PRO is locked, it becomes a static part of your tripod.

Works on the ground too

SliderPLUS PRO can be operated on ground as well. The adjustable feet are slip free, and allows you to level your slider on any surface. When using your slider on the ground, remember that you will benefit from SliderPLUS PRO’s actual length, during slider operation.

SliderPLUS PRO can be operated on ground as well

SliderPLUS PRO can be operated on ground as well

New Sizes

With the new durable design, comes 3 different rail sizes.
 SliderPLUS PRO 
Medium gives 50cm, Large gives 70cm and X-Large gives 90cm of camera travel. Make sure you check the tech specs for more measurement details.

edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO comes with 3 different rail sizes

edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO comes with 3 different rail sizes

Heavy Duty Professionalism

New, stronger structure carries 50% more camera and pro equipment weight.
 SliderPLUS PRO is 100% CNC machined with temperature treated aluminium rails. 
Metallic rail color adds a new, chromium style to your professional look.

Precise manufacturing with highest grade material!

All parts of SliderPLUS PRO are machined with CNC technology with highest grade materials. It is wear resistant and durable. It is going to withstand the harsh production environments that you will put it through.

Check out edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO for more information

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(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone Press)


  1. I’ve been interested about making a movie with a good slider for some time now. Normally I just film by hand, and usually that’s far too shaky, so I’m in need of a slider of sorts and this looks like the perfect one for the time being. I really need to pick this up. Thank you for sharing, you guys are sharing some of the most awesome devices, and I love it!

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