edelkrone Announces the New Craft Module for SliderPLUS V2 and SliderPLUS PRO

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Introducing edelkrone Craft Module

Yesterday’s puzzles become today’s fun

Motion time-lapse, macro videography and stop-motion. All of them are lengthy techniques and sophisticated tasks requiring flawless planning in addition to knowledge for the perfect production. edelkrone’s Craft Module takes on these tasks for you. 

It is another mathematical genius from edelkrone that communicates with you perfectly and composes the final work without involving you in any learning curve.

Easy Q&A time-lapse setup, you don’t need a math degree!

edelkrone Craft Module is a smart one. You choose between photo and video time-lapse modes, then it will ask you few simple questions, and you are all set! You only set the start-point, end-point, operation duration, desired movie frame rate per second and the final movie duration by answering those questions. Craft Module will even calculate and let you know the maximum allowed shutter speed. Without setting the end- or start-points, you can also set automated static time-lapses in seconds. You can also use the timer function to schedule a time-lapse for later.

Creates wonders when used with the Target Module

Target Module is a responsive object-tracking module for the SliderPLUS. You can combine the power of the Target and Craft Modules to create never seen before object-oriented results. You can create product demonstrations in time-lapse or macro fashion, create automated wide panning time-lapse shots, or even create vertical pans by combining these modules. The results are only limited to creativity. You can work miracles into your productions easy!

Macro level management

The Craft Module can work at micro-speeds for amazing close-up slider shots. You can precisely adjust the speed through easy interface and smoothly slide through the shot. Now it’s time to explore the unexplored macro worlds for your audience.

edelkrone Craft Module

edelkrone Craft Module

Stop motion, play around angles

The Craft Module brings dynamic camera motion and stop-motion together. Easy Q&A setup saves you from worrying about the details. Since you have total control over camera positioning, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, and you can always revert back to any position or frame for corrections.

edelkrone Craft Module

edelkrone Craft Module

Portable and easy to set-up at all times!

SliderPLUS has changed the rules for the traditional sliders, and our Craft Module just lives up to the tradition in such a compact, tidy form. You can easily fit your SliderPLUS along with your Craft Module into your bag to create wonders wherever you go.

Supports video time-lapse

edelkrone’s Craft Module also supports video time-lapse, given the fact that you have a supporting camera system with a vast storage solution. You can get your setup to work non-stop at micro-speed for approximately 2-3 hours with a single battery. You can still add the second battery to double the shooting duration or you can power up your system with the included AC/DC adapter.

edelkrone Craft Module

edelkrone Craft Module

The simple & intuitive design continued

Shells for the electronic components for SliderPLUS V2 & SliderPLUS PRO are intuitively designed to fit perfectly and look as a whole. Controls are conveniently and carefully placed for the best ergonomics. The menus and user interface are simplified to make time-lapse an easy set-up experience from the first use.

A non-stop time-lapsing module

You can set up a photo time-lapse to work for approximately 15 hours using a single battery. You can always add the second battery to the bracket to double the duration, and even cross-swap batteries during time-lapse operation. You can also power up your system with the included AC/DC adapter. You literally have no limitations. It also works with major battery types such as: Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54 or Sony NP-FV*.

Visit edelkrone Craft Module for more information.

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  1. I’ve been doing stop motion work for some time now, and this is something I’ve needed for some time now. It truly comes in handy having the seamless ability to go from one angle to another without much of a fuss. I haven’t really used any sliders before, but I am going to get my hands on this as soon as I can. I have some cool stop motion ideas that I can’t wait to put on film soon.

    1. That’s cool Mackenzie. I myself have not ever done stop motion, but it is something I’d consider. And I suppose this could be very beneficial for doing stop motion. A slider like this though, can be used for so much more. How many stop motion videos have you done?

    2. Hello Mackenzie,

      We are really happy to hear that the Craft Module takes it’s place on your wish list. We also believe that it would be very time efficient and effortless to make your Stop Motion videos with Craft Module.

      If you have any question about edelkrone products feel free to contact us via info@edelkrone.com

      – İnanç from edelkrone

  2. I got the this not too long ago, maybe last month, I don’t remember. I am very happy with what it’s been doing for me and I am very happy with the overall results. Plus, this being around only $700 should be appealing to many. It’s well worth the price and works wonders.

  3. Hey, I can use a new slider, that’s for sure, and Edelkrone is one of my favorite brands hands down. They’re perfection to me.

  4. I’ve been doing stop motion animation for five years already and I am honing my craft to get even better. The Edelkrone craft module is probably going right on to my to buy list. It should make stop motion easier (which isn’t always good mind you), and I hope it makes my future videos become more expressive.

    1. Hello Nathan,

      It is good to hear that from you, it will definitely be a good investment for your Stop Motion projects.

      If you have any questions about edelkrone products feel free to contact us anytime via info@edelkrone.com

      – İnanç from edelkrone

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