Why Canon Lenses Are the Popular Choice Among Noted Filmmakers Around the World

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Canon is all about lenses – ok, they sell some amazing cameras, but they're well known for their lenses as well.

I found this video very interesting because it gives you an idea of why some cinematographers choose lenses and tho it is sponsored by Canon, you can still learn something about lens selection from it.

From Canon:

Around the world, noted filmmakers choose Canon Cine and EF lenses to bring their work to light. In this compilation of interviews and behind the scenes footage, these directors, cinematographers, documentary and commercial shooters share their experiences with Canon glass, from EFs, high-end zooms, zooms, compact zooms, and now the complete family of prime lenses.

Canon Motion Capture Lenses: On Set and Behind the Scenes

Hear more people tell about their Canon Experience HERE

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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