Remarkable Snowboard Test Shoot with RED EPIC + Freefly MOVI M10

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I don't remember where I found this, I think it was posted on twitter, but it is awe-some!

I used to be able to ski (before that ultimate frisbeeaccident which took out my knee many years ago), but watching these guys using the MōVI on the slopes gives new excitement and makes me want to get out there skiing again!

Tho I wouldn't want to be holding that MōVI while skiing. Heck, with a RED on board, that thing is probably pretty heavy – I'd have to lift weights for 2 months before attempting a long ski run holding that!

These new gimbals are indeed changing the way many filmmakers shoot — dare I say it is a “game changer?” – yell at me for using that phrase in the comments of this post (remember that you can sign in to the forums with just 2 clicks if you use the facebook and twitter icons at the top of the page – it is NOT that hard (grin))

Freefly MoVI M10 – snowboard test shoot with RED EPIC


From alpine-aerials:

I did some tests with the MoVI M10 running in majestic mode, handheld from skies. I had a RED EPIC on it with the RED PL 17-50 lens which is nice as it can be zoomed without the need to rebalance. So this is my preferred run and gun setup.

Basically every shot in this clip is made with the MoVI. Framerates from 25 to 100 fps. Shot in 5K scope, quick graded in Davinci Resolve.

For all who don´t know what a MoVI is; it´s a gimbal that actively stabilizes your camera with sensors detection motion and direct drive motors counteracting the movement in realtime. And it's awesome!

Shot in Lermoos (Tirol / Austria) at location Grubigstein.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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