Kessler University Features Adding Movement to Photography with @Stillmotion

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This is a great little tip from the @stillmotion team (Patrick Moreau in front of the camera). I haven't yet had the need for photos in my work, but for what they've done for their latest project which just premiered, this seems like a great solution.

And, it may just fit for one of your projects – or it may spark an idea for something you're working on.

It is also part of the “new” Kessler University – they've done a massive re-design on their site and it looks and feels amazing. You can check that out!

Adding Movement to Photography with Stillmotion

How do we shoot a photo in a way that adds to the story, has an emotional depth, and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb?

In this tutorial, we’ll run through the idea of a Photoscape and how we applied this for our feature length documentary #standwithme.

If you enjoy this tutorial, you’ll also enjoy our Storytelling With Heart tour that Kessler is helping bring across the country. It’s three parts interactive workshop experience and one part in-the-field shooting. Join us as we share the approaches and ideas that help to bring a remarkable story to life. Then get out in the field and shoot with the Stillmotion team the following day while trying awesome Kessler gear, the Movi, and some awesome cameras.

[ Via Kessler University ]

(cover photo credit: snap from Kessler University)


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