Introducing DitoGear™ Moco+

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Announcing DitoGear™ Moco+

DitoGear™ is pleased to announce the release of DitoGearMoco+, a family of Motion Control Add-ons designed for products by:

Freedom of choice

At DitoGear™ we believe in freedom of choice. That’s why we created DitoGearMoco+.

General compatibility

Pick your favorite hardware and add renowned motion control solutions from DitoGear™ to build a system that matches the needs of the day and your personal style of work.

Because we also believe you deserve the best cherries on the best cake.


DitoGearMoco+ is available for the following sliders:

Cinevate – Atlas 10 / 30 / 200 / FLT / Pegasus
Dynamic Perception – Stage One Dolly
Glidecam – VistaTrack 10-48
Kessler Crane®Kessler CineSlider™, Kessler Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Stealth

DitoGear™ Moco+ for Cinevate

DitoGearMoco+ is available for Cinevate – Atlas 10 / 30 / 200 / FLT / Pegasus


DitoGearMoco+ performs up to highest standards set by DitoGear™ Motion Control Devices and is compatible with all DitoGear™ controllers.

Servo Motors along with innovative proprietary low-level controllers used in all our motion control units allow for noise-free operation and a range of applications such as live action filming, timelapse, stop-motion and VFX applications (on a single motor).

DitoGear™ Moco+ for Dynamic Perception

DitoGearMoco+ is available for Dynamic Perception – Stage One Dolly

Availability & Pricing

DitoGearMoco+ for Cinevate was introduced in 2013 and is available from both DitoGear™ and Cinevate.

DitoGearMoco+ for Kessler Crane®, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception is available from DitoGear™ and is shipping on March 10.

DitoGear™ Moco+ for Glidecam

DitoGearMoco+ is available for Glidecam – VistaTrack 10-48

Preorder now with 10% Introductory Discount at

Learn more about DitoGearMoco+ at

1) Preorder discount doesn’t apply to DitoGearMoco+ for Cinevate.
2) Preorder discount is available util March 10th, 2014.
3) Kessler Crane®, Cinevate, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception and all their product trademarks belong to their respective owners and used for information purposes only. DitoGear™ nor its products are affiliated with or endorsed by Kessler Crane®, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception.

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