Daniel Hurst Shoots Stock Footage with the MōVI

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The MōVI is one of those breakthrough inventions that forever changes how we do things. Watch Daniel Hurst as he runs backwards from a puppy, follows a BMX stunt rider, and shoots vistas from a helicopter. It's all in a day's work to capture stock clips for Shutterstock.

Provided by Freefly Systems, the MōVI is way more than a collection of pipes, clamps, motors, circuits and software – it takes a creative and athletic shooter to bring it to life. Daniel Hurst uses the MōVI to put the viewer right in the center of the action.

It's a brave new world for shooting action, and the MōVI shines in Daniel Hurst's hands.

Daniel Hurst featured videographer in Shutterstock

When we heard that Shutterstock contributor Daniel Hurst was taking his brand new MōVI rig out for the first time, we jumped at the chance to document his experience using this breakthrough technology.

Freefly, the company behind this new form of camera stabilization, generated major buzz when the first few MōVI videos were released last year. Take a look at the amazing clips Daniel was able to capture with this fantastic new piece of equipment.

Check out videos from Daniel Hurst's MōVI shoot

On Location with Daniel Hurst and MōVI

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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