“The Board Of Education” : An Eye-Opening Documentary on Corporal Punishment

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I remember when Jared Abrams (wideopencamera) held a kickstarter fundraiser to shoot a movie about Corporal Punishment in Schools in the USA. It seems like such a long time ago and after running the festival circuit, it is now available! I'm pleased to be able to share this project with you and I hope you take the time to watch.

Be aware, it is quite frank (and should be) about what is happening in some areas of the country even today. I am shocked to see that we still allow this behavior in adults. I love how “The Board of Education” explores the emotions behind all sides of this issue… especially at the beginning when you are kind of thinking maybe it is ok.

I do wonder how teachers manage kids in their classes – many kids can be unruly (thankfully my kids have always listened to my wife and I and we never felt any need for severe punishment). My children have been brought up in a fantastic school district and I've been involved in their schools as a parent – I've seen great discipline at work. I cannot imagine what my kids would have been like if they weren't able to go to a school where the teachers and staff are amazing. I wish all parents would make it a priority to be involved and to find a way to stop this kind of behavior by adults in some way like Jared and the team on this short have done.

I applaud Jared and the entire team for having the guts to bring this issue to the forefront.

While it is fun to get totally wrapped up in the gear and cameras, it is stories like this that remind us yet again the story is the king.

The Board Of Education. A Documentary About Corporal Punishment In US Public Schools.


From Jared Abrams:

Corporal punishment was found to be cruel and unusual punishment by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in 1968. It is banned in the U.S. military, in correctional facilities and in mental institutions however, use of the paddle is still allowed in many U.S. public schools. More than two hundred thousand students are hit every year by their teachers, principals or coaches with many incidents resulting in injury.

A bill to ban corporal punishment in public schools on a national level has been introduced, but Congress has yet to acknowledge it by enacting this federal legislation. Historically, the paddle was a tool used to beat slaves in order to cause fear and inflict pain. The United States is the only nation in the western world that still permits the use of corporal punishment in its educational system.

The Board Of Education is a documentary that takes an in-depth and personal look at discipline within the American educational system. The film focuses on the three states with the highest percentage of reported students hit, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. We travel to these states for interviews with politicians, administrators, teachers, parents and students about this polarizing issue.

We raised the funds for our film using Kickstarter. We would not have been able to make this film without the support of the DSLR community and people like you. Today, Kickstarter remains a valid way for filmmakers to raise funds for independent film.

"The Board Of Education" Kickstarter Campaign

Corporal Punishment is still prevalent in nineteen states with over two hundred thousand students hit every year. What do you do when the teacher is the bully?

What do you think? Is paddling ok? Sound off in our forums!

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  1. Just in the news recently was a corporal punishment story where the mother filmed her child getting hit by a board as big as the 5 year old.
    It made me sick.
    Thank you for this documentary and pray this barbaric method is abolished.
    The documentary was very well done.

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