Photojournalist Reveals How DSLR’s Win Him Awards

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When I started watching this video, I wondered, “…who is this Kirk Neff guy anyway, and why is he using the word “creative” so often?” A couple of minutes later I was leaning forward, hanging onto every word.

Kirk Neff is a Canadian video maestro who shares his extensive techniques in this 1 hour 27 minute-long gem of a tutorial. Yes, he uses the word “creativity” a lot – but he has every right. He holds nothing back – he shows you exactly how he makes the high-quality video that's won him numerous awards. He shows how he uses re-creations to flesh out his stories.

From his relationship with Canadian gear company Shape, he shows off a Kirk Neff line of rigs. He opens the kimono about how he does color correction in-camera, sets up his hand-held rig, and details the cameras, video recorders, mics and lights he uses. If you watch the entire video, you'll get enough tips and tricks to fill a notebook.

After I finished watching I was inspired to go into my shop and completely reconfigure my entire DSLR rig. On my next shoot, when it performed flawlessly, I silently thanked Kirk Neff for being so open and free about sharing his knowledge.

Techniques and Tools for Creative Storytelling with HDSLRs


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Multiple award-winning DP, Kirk Neff shares his cutting edge techniques using DSLRs to create a beautiful cinematic look in the fast-paced world of long-format news and documentary television. Kirk has honed his skills during a 20-year career shooting on five continents. Along the way, he has developed specialized tools to maximize creativity and flexibility in a variety of conditions, earning widespread acclaim in the industry.

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