Get Overwhelmed by Nature: Exploring Papua New Guinea’s Sepik River

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Every time Michael Fletcher puts out a video it seems, I think it is so cool that I publish it – I just love Michael's style and the fact that the video doesn't rush thru life, it calmly flows. He's used a Canon EOS C300 on this one and it shows. Amazingly beautiful images and I wish I could afford that cruise!

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This November I was fortunate enough to re visit Papua New Guinea aboard the magnificent True North. This time the journey took us to the North Eastern Sepik river region then on out into the Bismarck sea to explore the amazing outer Islands that make up such a pristine tropical paradise.

Once again I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this region as well as an amazing cultural experience the likes I had never imagined. Travelling up the Sepik river was like travelling to an ancient world virtually untouched for hundreds of years. We were privileged to be invited to visit the village which is bringing back the ancient tradition of the crocodile scarification where as part of an initiation to manhood young men would go through the painful process of cutting there skin to create a texture not unlike that of a crocodile.

We also snorkelled and dived on amazing coral reefs with there abundance of tropical fish and colourful corals as well as be enthralled by the local villages of these tiny Island as they entertained us with there traditional dance or Sing Sing.

Papua New Guinea - Sepik and Beyond

Papua New Guinea – Sepik and Beyond

I have put together this short video as a snapshot of what we experienced over 11 days. 11 days which I will never forget. It has got me wanting more from PNG and I'm already coming up with excuses to get back there next year when True North heads back. It truly is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

For some details on the filming process, the whole edit was shot on the Canon EOS C300 with the exception of the under water sequences shot by Oli Oldroyd on a Olympus OMD. Once again the C300 performed amazingly in very hot and humid conditions and never missed a beat.

I used the following lenses. Canon 17mm f,4 Tiltshift, 16-35mm f,2.8, 50mm f,1.2, 100mm f,2.8 Macro, and the 400mm f,5.6.

Editing was done on Premiere Pro CS6

Live music was recorded through the C300 with Rode mics and the soundtrack was by XPURM from the album “PRUMX”

You can visit the True North here

Thanks to Mark Stothard and Craig Howson for the opportunity to travel again on the best boat on the water.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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