“From 1994” A Moving Story of a Mother’s Love (heavy MōVI usage included)

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Casey Warren (mindcastle site) sent us his latest project “From 1994” (website), the behind the scenes video showing off their use of the MōVI, some behind the scenes photos, and you'll possibly want to get the tissues out before watching.

Casey shot with an Alexa (lucky guy!) plus when you watch the behind the scenes, you'll see plenty of usage of the MōVI rig for just about every shot… then go back and watch the movie again to see how effective the MōVI is when used well.

Our thanks to Casey for sending this in (and my apologies for not getting to it sooner!)

From Casey:

We couldn't have made this film without many of you who offered your time, guidance and support throughout the project. We also want to give a special shout out to Tabb, Hugh & the whole team at Freefly who spent extra hours creating a custom MoVI for the Alexa M & personally operating the MoVI on the film. Without their support and belief in the project we couldn't have made this film a reality. We also want to thank our family members who drove several hours and flew out for the screening! Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning of the project.

From 1994

What would you say to a loved one if you only had one chance to say it all?


Based on a true story, From 1994 is a moving story of a mother's love for her child. While playing in his room, 10-year-old Casey (Leo Schuehle) discovers a time capsule containing a letter from his mother (Nicole Alouf). In reading this letter he is able to gain a deeper understanding of his mothers hopes and dreams for him. The film leaves viewers to ask themselves what might we say to a loved one if we only had one chance to say it all?

Behind the Scenes

The Making of “From 1994”

The behind the scenes film features elements of the design and conceptualization of the project including storyboards, script elements, and prop design. The second section of the video centers around how we utilized the MoVI, which we used to shoot the entire film.





MoVI M10
• ARRI Alexa M
• Paralinx Arrow+ 1:4 HD transmitters
SmallHD DP6, DP4, and AC7 Monitors
• Dalsa 4k Leica rehoused prime lenses





Visit www.mindcastle.tv for more details about “From 1994” short film

(cover photo credit: snap from Mindcastle)

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