Coming soon: planet5D blog re-design!

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Hi y'all!

It has already been a crazy/insane 2014 for me on a personal level – I had planned on launching this blog re-design on January 1st, but then just before the end of 2013, my mother became terminally ill and passed on January 1st. Everything went in a completely different direction than I'd planned obviously.

But now that the family things are more calm (things are still in turmoil as it takes a while to learn to cope with the changes plus having to deal with cleaning out of her old apartment, handling financial things and just finalizing all that stuff), it is time to schedule the changes here.

My current plan is to try to launch the new layout on January 15th (or sooner if things go right) – but I'll give you a teaser image below.

The blog has used the same old theme for the last 3 or so years, so I know it is time for a change!

planet5D blog teaser

The front page of the new planet5D blog layout (advertisements not included)

The front page of the new planet5D blog layout (advertisements not included)


You'll note there aren't any ads showing – I'm still working on that. I'm also potentially tweaking the fonts a bit.

It is a ‘responsive' theme design so the layout will grow and shrink for your screen size appropriately.

I'm also using the same theme for a new section of planet5D that will be coming later this month (again, delayed by family matters). So you'll be seeing some consistent UI across the sections of planet5D (as much as possible that is).

I hope you like the new layout! Let me know what you think in the forum!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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