Canon 1D C + MōVI + tiny bikini = Awesome long shot in ‘Surfer’ portrait

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What do you get when you mix a Canon EOS 1D C, a MōVI M10, and a fabulously beautiful young surfer? Obviously you get a great short that all the guys will love – gear and gals – what more can a man ask for? Hopefully the female filmmakers will appreciate the filmmaking and gear as well.

Marcus O'Brien sent us his first installment in a series of portraits (they're planning on 7 in total) and they've shown us all the behind the scenes with the MōVI and the Canon EOS 1D C.

Make sure to have a look at the behind-the-scenes photos and video Marcus sent in below as well!

IndigoZoom now shooting with the newly released MŌVI.

From Marcus O'Brien:

We recently shot a portrait piece here in Sydney titled ‘Surfer' using the MŌVI with great results.

Part one in a series of portraits from Sydney, Australia captured using the MŌVI, a handheld stabilized camera gimbal allowing a new era of stabilized cinematography.

Movi Test-25

Guys – do you even see the MōVI in this shot?

“Surfer” from Marcus O'Brien

Equipment: The MŌVI M10, Canon EOS 1D C, Canon 24mm Cinema Prime, Heden Carat follow focus, Small HD DP4 / DP7 Pro monitors



Featuring Mariah Jakosky
Designer and Owner of Riah Swimwear
Worn With A Smile

Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the making of ‘SURFER' shot using the MŌVI M10 handheld stabilized camera gimbal.

Movi_ Marcus O'Brien image 3

Movi_ Marcus O'Brien

“Surfer” Behind-the-scenes

(cover photo credit: snap from Marcus and all photos sent in by Marcus as well)


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