Beyond Selfies: Time Lapses With your iPhone

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I remember the first time lapse I ever made. Years ago I was hired by a Boston video company to work on a behind-the-scenes film for a 24-hour film festival. It was nighttime, and I noticed that clouds were racing across the face of a full moon. I aimed my camera upwards and made a ten-second time lapse.

Later, the editor called me over and pointed to the moon footage in the final edit and said, “Man, I'm so glad you shot that moon, we really needed a transition from night to day and it was perfect!”

Well, nowadays time lapses are everywhere, but that doesn't take away from their power to communicate the passage of time and when they're done right they're just plain beautiful.

I'm using my iPhone more on projects. I downloaded a new iPhone app called “Time Lapse the World” from the iTunes store. the first time lapse made on my iPhone 4S – is below; it was quick and easy and turned out great.

Transforming daily experiences through breathtaking Time lapses

Lapse the world

From Nic Schlueter of Lapse the World:

Enjoying every day life at a normal pace is something we all try to take time to do. Time lapses magically transform those daily experiences into breath taking visualizations. Whether it is catching a sunset, clouds forming throughout an afternoon, or just life on a busy street corner, time lapses provide a great way to turn an every day experience into an exhilarating experience.

Lapse the World is a new iPhone app that gives you the opportunity to easily capture and create daily experiences into stunning videos. Creating a time lapse is easy as 1-2-3. Just pick a quick preset, or set your own time compression, and start creating your own time lapses to share.

US Capital Across the Potomac

Lapse the World iPhone App is Awesome!

Learn more about this App on their website “Lapse the World

Do you use your smart phone to shoot video for your projects? Would you use a time lapse from your phone? We'd love to have you comment on this in our forums!

(cover photo credit: snap from Lapse the World)


  1. Well, nowadays time lapses are everywhere, but that doesn’t take away from their power to communicate the passage of time and when they’re done right they’re just plain beautiful.
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