A Closer Look at the F&V F3 Monitor

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Caleb over at dslrvideoshooter.com has done a review of the F&V F3 monitor that we thought you might find interesting. I know you're always looking for ways to save money so I thought this $299 monitor from F&V might float your boat.

From Caleb:

Monitors are an important investment. They do much more than just help you compose and expose your image correctly, they are the window to your clients first impression of your work on set. You don’t want that window to be small or to look dirty. But finding a solid video monitor at an affordable price is tough. That’s where F&V’s F3 monitor comes in. The F3 monitor has one of the best images I’ve seen in it’s price range. And with a resolution of 1024×600 it’s display is perfect for DSLR shooters.

F&V Lighting Video Review


  • Several affordable models
  • Incredible Image
  • Hard, detachable shade
  • 3 Effective monitoring scales (record, preview and playback)
  • Works brilliantly with DSLRs
  • Composite RCA, Composite BNC, HDMI, and HD-SDI BNC connections


  • No HDMI Passthrough
  • No Focus Peaking
  • Reflective screen (shade helps and the monitor is bright enough to knock down most reflections)

Learn about F&V Monitor Models at DSLR Video Shooter: “F&V F3 Monitor Review

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