Very first Blackmagic Production Camera 4K footage arrives! How does it hold up?

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Grant Petty of Blackmagic Design has released the first 4k footage from the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

You can grab a copy directly from Blackmagic's website but be warned it is a 10gb download!

Noam Kroll has taken the 4k footage and created a 1080 version for vimeo:

Noam's thoughts

Noam has also posted some of his thoughts in this article

So how does it stack up to the original BMCC? At this point it’s tough to draw comparisons as the camera is not yet finalized and this was shot by the CEO of the company, not a dedicated DP. Even so, I do believe it gives us an accurate representation of what we can expect with the camera as it’s unlikely to change drastically from here. Judging the footage based on these clips alone, the look is closer to the original BMCC than I thought it might be considering they are using two different sensors. I would have to say though that I personally still have a preference for the original BMCC footage, and even the Pocket Camera footage over the new 4K material. What attracted me to the original BMCC was the dynamic range and Alexa-like quality of the images. Based on these clips, there’s definitely still a very nice amount of dynamic range, but it does seem to be noticeably less than the original BMCC. In some shots is more noticeable than others, but particularly I don’t feel that it’s holding detail in the shots of the sky/clouds as well as the BMCC can. That was to be expected as the 4K sensor is rated at 12 stops which is 1 stop lower than the 2.5K camera. In fairness to the 4K camera though, it is tough to judge these shots when not compared directly beside a 2.5K camera to measure the difference. And it’s also worth noting that the shots may be clipping in the sky because the exposure wasn’t set perfectly. Regardless I think it’s safe to say that the original BMCC will outperform the 4K camera as far as dynamic range which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

He has plenty more to say as well – make sure to read the article! He covers low light aspects, global shutter, and the direction the 4k camera is going compared to the other BMC products.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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