Using Switronix TorchLED BOLT to Solve Lighting Issues

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With lots of small LED lights on the market, here's a detailed review of the Switronix TorchLED BOLT BT200 – “5 Location Lighting Problems Sovled with Switronix TorchLED BOLT BT200

I always trust a review that includes both Pros and Cons!

From Dan McComb:

The Switronix Bolt LED is hands down the most versatile video light I’ve ever used. In the 9 months since I got my hands on one, I’ve used it like a monkey wrench to fix all kinds of lighting problems. Here’s why:

* It’s powerful for its size.

* It’s tiny. So it’s easy take with you.

* It’s controllable. It throws a tightly focused beam a long way without interfering with other lights.

* It’s color adjustable. Two knobs allow you to select between 3200k tungsten and 5600k daylight.

* It’s strong battery powered. L-mount Sony batteries keep you going for more than two hours at full blast, or more than twice that when dialed down a bit. Connect them to a Switronix V-lock battery using the included adapter cable, and you can run all day.

* It’s inexpensive. About $250 including battery and cables.

5 Lighting Issues Solved by the Switronix TorchLED BOLT

Problem 1: Low ceiling – no room for placing backlight without getting it into the shot.

Solution: Hang a Bolt from an autopole.

Problems Switronix TorchLED BOLT BT200 image 1

With the clock ticking, my camera assistant David Fareti was able to attach a Bolt to an autopole with a Matthelini clamp. The only other light with us that might have worked was a Lowell ProLight, but it would be so close to the ceiling that it might have caught the place on fire. And there’s the time it would have taken to hide the power cable. So it simply wasn’t an option. In the end, our shot come up looking like this frame from the film:

Problems Switronix TorchLED BOLT BT200 image 2

To read the full post, visit Dan's article “5 Location Lighting Problems Sovled with Switronix TorchLED BOLT BT200

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(cover photo credit: snap from Dan McComb's site)

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