Using an Easyrig to take the pain out of testing the MōVI M10

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Gimbal stabilizers have been around for a long time – if you had a lot of money and it often involved a helicopter. The MōVI M10 handheld stabilizer changes all that for less money but usually puts a lot of strain on your arms and upper body.

Nino Leitner on cinema5D adds a vest and stabilizer arm to have the best of both worlds – steady shots and non-achy arms in this article, MōVI M10 tested in strong winds, cobblestone racing & Easyrig running.

From cinema5D:


One of the biggest problems of the MōVI is the fact that you have to hold it in front of you with your arms sticking out just enough to get really tired quite quickly. It can’t be used for extensive periods of time like a Steadicam with a properly adjusted vest, for example. Then again, it gives you the freedom to hand it over to someone else to get that special “impossible” shot. However, help is on the way: if your shot doesn’t require to change height or hand over the rig, it’s very advisable to use it with an Easyrig, which lifts all the weight off your hands and distributes it your upper body.

During that running scene I had the feeling that the footage would turn out absolutely unusable, because I felt how my running was amplifying all movements from my chest and distributing it over the line to the MōVI. I really couldn’t believe that the footage turned out as stable as it did.

MoVi attached to the Easyrig with 500 Newton

MoVi attached to the Easyrig with 500 Newton

To learn more about the behind the scenes of this test, check out cinema5D's article: MōVI M10 tested in strong winds, cobblestone racing & Easyrig running

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(cover photo credit: snap from cinema5D)

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