Unlocking Manual Control in LiveView Made Possible in D5100

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We've spent a lot of time talking about Magic Lantern for the Canon cameras, it is about time we hear more news about Nikon hacks!

Some good work has been going on with the hacking teams and this update bringing some manual controls to the Nikon 5100 is good news (tho Nikon may not be too pleased).

From Petapixel:

Nikon Hacker released the firmware revision a few days ago, correcting yet another one of the puzzling restrictions that Nikon and other camera makers apparently bake into their cheaper cameras to distinguish them from the more expensive and able-bodied models they’re based on.

The coder responsible for the hack said it was a simple matter of enabling a capability already in the 5100 firmware.

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Check out the full post on Petapixel's article: “Nikon Hacker Unlocks Manual Control in LiveView for D5100 Users

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(cover photo credit: snap from Petapixel)

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