Trost – The Camera Slider for the Toughest Shots on Earth

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Many of us can get really excited about gear – and this announcement today of the new Trost sliders looks simply amazing!

I haven't yet had the chance to use one, but they look incredibly sturdy and smooth. If I play my cards right, I may get my hands on one to let you know exactly how nice they are.

These are not your father's sliders!

You've got to watch the video and see more about these sliders. I love the base plates and how they've managed to make them movable and quickly released. Did you see the clip in the video with the car on top of the slider and it is still moving? Rock solid!

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Now, don't those look amazing? Read on for more info!

We're very pleased Gabe (from CrumplePop) and Trost sent us this announcement!

Trost Press Release

Trost Motion today announced the availability of a new kind of camera slider, tough enough for antarctic expeditions but so precise that it can be used for long lens and macro photography.

Although it weighs only 15 pounds, a Trost™ can support fully-kitted RED and Alexa packages up to 560 pounds. Camera motion is so precise that it opens a new world of product photography – slow tracking shots across the face of a wristwatch, the bubbles on top of a caffe latte, or a gemstone set in a ring – all of these shots become possible and repeatable.

Trost™ sliders can also be combined in a 2-axis configuration, giving camera operators remarkable flexibility and lightning-fast setups.

Trost sliders

Trost Press Continued

“The design of the Trost™ slider was informed by three principles,” said Derek Trost, Lead Designer at Trost Motion. “Smooth, flawless camera movement; durability and reliability in the field; and a simple, elegant aesthetic. In the process, I think we’ve created a truly remarkable new tool for filmmakers.”

“We believe that this is a new kind of optical instrument, as significant as a new kind of camera,” said Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of Trost Motion. “If you think of all the camera slider shots you’ve ever seen, they are almost all wides and mediums. Camera movement in long lens and macro shots has been nearly impossible to achieve. We’ve now changed that, and the new filmmaking possibilities are very exciting.”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Trost)

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