The Swiss Army Knife for Your DSLR – gear from Emotimo

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I've had a chance to have a long conversation with Brian from Emotimo about timelapse, video, motion control systems, and of course his eMotimo TB3 – which I'm very impressed with even tho I've never used one (yet).

We'll be testing one out in the near future and we'll let you know what I think about the eMotimo TB3.

The eMotimo TB3 Black

eMotimo makes camera robots for your DSLR and video camera. All products are designed and built in the USA by our team in San Francisco.

The eMotimo TB3 Black is like a Swiss army knife for your DSLR when it comes to precision control of your camera's motion.


eMotimo TB3 Black's capabilities

* Moving time-lapse: With the TB3's ability to trigger your camera, almost any DSLR can be a time-lapse machine. Simultaneous panning, tilting, and sliding (3axis) shots are our specialty. The pan and tilt capability is built right in. By adding a third motor, we integrate with many popular dolly systems to drive sliding moves.

More example content HERE

* Precise video moves: By setting a few simple parameters like start and end points, the TB3 allows you to capture smooth, programmed moves that can be repeated time after time. Check out some visual effects that are easy to shoot with the TB3

emotimo diagram

* Pano/Gigapixel shooting: For the hardcore photographer, perfectly stitchable sets of photos are easy. Capture single-row panorama or multi-row mosaics. The eMotimo TB3 will quickly and accurately capture the scene with precise overlap.

* Stop-Motion: For those who want to extend the TB3's capabilities even further, we integrate to the most popular stop-motion software on the market: Dragonframe. This allows you to perfectly set and capture complex.

Learn more about eMotimo TB3

(cover photo credit: snap from eMotimo)

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