Should video look like film? This in-depth “Film Convert” review tells why it matters

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Sometimes you just have to dig in and study. In this lengthy, comprehensive review by Red Shark News, Want video to really look like film? Here's our in-depth review of the remarkable Film Convert, it's well worth investing your time.

The folks at Rubber Monkey went waaaay beyond film emulsion emulation and deep into specific professional cameras to create color adjustments and profiles that magically transform your digital footage into the aesthetics of film. There's a free trial at so you can see for yourself on your own footage.

Why Film Convert? Because you care about making your digital video images look beautiful and emotionally evocative. And isn't that what art is about?

A closer look at “Film Convert” and how it transforms video to look like film

From RedShark News:

There have been many attempts in the past to make our digitally acquired images look more like film; from 24p frame rates to applying a fancy s-curve in the online. Yet while many of pre-packaged filters, home-brew DIY color corrections, and film-grain add-ons came close, they mostly gave the impression of “video that aspired to look like film,” that anyone who has ever shot celluloid could quickly spot. For a long while it seemed as though shooting film was the only way to capture that elusive cinematic look.

Film Convert software

Film Convert, a software tool from Rubber Monkey Software designed to give digital footage that filmic “mojo” has, in this writer's opinion, changed that.

The company's co-founders Craig Herring and Nigel Stanford have long been advocates of shooting cinema digitally. Rubber Monkey got its start when Nigel purchased a Thomson Viper and developed software to extract footage from LTO storage. This software would later be used by teams working on the feature films ZODIAC and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.

“Later, RED released the RED ONE and shooting digital got substantially cheaper.” Craig told me in an interview over e-mail. Nigel and Craig developed the software Monkey Extract which helped handle the R3D files before applications had native support for the format. “[Monkey Extract] was widely used amongst RED users in the early years… We got a lot of support throughout the industry for this.”

A closer look at Film convert

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