OKDOTHIS App – the photo app that brings idea sharing and challenges to your phone

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More than 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook, and more than 350 million photos are uploaded every day on average. Yeah, that's billions with a “B.”

I propose that there are two kinds of photos we share with each other. Yep, only two. Number One Type – photos taken with no intention. They're the result of a camera pointed and a shutter button pressed. Not very much going on there.

The Second Type of Pictures are pictures taken with intention, for a specific reason – or another way to say it, pictures taken with an idea in mind. Except for lucky accidents, there are many more interesting photos in the intentional, idea-driven category.

So, how can we learn to take creative, idea-driven photos? Well, there's an app for that – Download OKDOTHIS App HERE a smart phone app found on iTunes.

A picture of Uncle Ralph spraying milk out of his nose at Thanksgiving dinner could fall into either category. Spending some quality time with OKDOTHIS and doing some “DOs” will result in your pictures perking up and bubbling over with ideas. One of my favorite DOs from a reviewer – “Tell them to smile. Then say, “Have you gained weight?” Capture the reaction. Then run!”



From iTunes:

As long as there have been photographs, there has been sharing. Take a picture, get it developed or print it out, share it with others. As photos have gone digital, the process has remained the same, a straight line. Take a picture, share it with others, comment and connect.

Why do you share your photos, anyway? Because you want to, not because you need to. But there’s one thing every photographer needs, from the seasoned pro to the eager beginner: You need an idea. A creative decision. A flash of inspiration.

Every photo is a moment in time. It’s ideas that capture those moments. While many of us see the same moments, we interpret them in our own ways. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share not just the moments, but the inspiration that caught them? Wouldn’t it be great to go social with your ideas, with your unique view of the world, as you create your photos?

Just the DO you’re looking for.
Every DO exists in a category – searchable, findable, and shareable. Having trouble thinking of a great photo to take at a wedding, a night out with friends, or a day at home with your kids? Search our virtually unlimited library of DOs and try the ones you want.

A community of dreamers & DOers.
You can follow others in the OKDOTHIS community whose DOs and photos inspire you. Link up with your friends from other social websites, or discover new friends you haven’t met yet. Learn from one another. Grow in your skills and creativity. With OKDOTHIS, there are no more walls between your imagination and those of others.


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Have you ever done an OKDOTHIS “Do”? Share your experience with others by clicking on the Forums link below.

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