Metabones Speedboosters turn Blackmagic Cinema Cameras into MFT category killers

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The pros and cons of Blackmagic Cinema Cameras just swung solidly toward the pros column. Quelling many objections (the Cons), this Cinema5D article New Blackmagic Camera Specific Metabones Speedboosters shows how the game is changed for Blackmagic Cinema Cameras – including the Pocket version.

The converter enables you to use wonderful Nikon glass (G series), plus it increases the speed by a significant amount, and, wait for it, in spite of the cameras' smaller sensors gets wider angles of view.

It's hard to believe that a converter between a camera sensor and lens could make such a difference, but check out the review to see how.

Metabones Speedboosters

The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras have just become a whole lot more attractable, and by no result of their own. Metabones has just released two new Speedbooster adaptors specifically for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT and Pocket Cinema Camera that provide a further increase in low sensitivity and wider angle of view.

Both adaptors are Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds mount. Both have an aperture dial that engages with the lever on Nikon lenses to enable full manual control over the aperture. Despite both adaptors being compatible with the micro four thirds mount, these are not compatible with any other micro four thirds cameras. Whilst they will physically fit, the protrusion of the rear element of the adaptor will clash with the mirror on a MFT camera such as a GH3. These adaptors are only compatible with their respective Blackmagic Cinema Cameras.

Metabones Speedbooster

So, what do these adaptors offer in terms of increased light sensitivity and angle of view? The Blackmagic Cinema Camera Speedbooster offers a 0.64 angle of view increase, and a 1 1/3 increase in light sensitivity. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Speedbooster offers a 0.58 increase in angle of view, and a 1 2/3 increase in light sensitivity.

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