Looking at Walmart from an artist’s perspective

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Julien Lasseur was our DP on “Incident on Marmont Avenue” – he continues to amaze me with what he's doing and how he's growing in the filmmaking world.

This is a piece called “Blocking the Bread Aisle” Julien shot about a man painting Walmart that was featured at “The Atlantic” recently. The entire interview is pretty interesting, but we've been given permission to share the chunk below about actually shooting in the Walmart store while the artist was painting.

Excerpt from filmmakers Julien Lasseur and Jamie Thalman's interview with The Atlantic’s Video channel:

What was it like shooting inside a Walmart? What was the reaction of passersby?

We had a very different experience shooting in Walmart than when O'Connell first started taking photos there; they actually let us roll video on our cameras. Employees were curious about the project at first, but as the day progressed we blended into the backdrop of the store. We used a shopping cart to move our equipment throughout the store and were assigned an asset preservation associate to look after our equipment.

We were generally so low impact shooting with only two Canon 5Ds that people barely noticed us. Brendan's painting setup attracted some attention, as an occasional shopper would stop to watch for a minute. Children were curious about the filming and painting; their parents would quietly explain we were shooting. We also blocked a few aisles with our Dana Dolly for some shots; as it's not something they experience everyday, shoppers found it amusing to have to wait while we got a shot off.

Continue reading filmmakers Julien Lasseur and Jamie Thalman's interview with The Atlantic’s Video channel.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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