KICK – the smart little light that does all colors and lots more

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Here's a way to add a kick of light into your scene while being able to control the light from your smart phone or with the manual controls on the device.

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What's different about this pocket-sezed light? Well, a lot.

First, there's COLOR. Not just daylight and tungsten – you can set any color of the rainbow with the KICK+ app for iOS and Android.

And the KICK can do even more – head over to Rift Labs to see all the things the KICK can do.

About KICK

The KICK is small – about the size of an iPhone – and lightweight, so is easy to take along. Still, KICK boasts more creative features than any other pocket-sized photo and video light on the market: in addition to adjustable brightness and color temperature, you get full color – any color, animated light, built-in video effects and sampling of light. KICK can be handheld or mounted on a tripod.

KICK works with any camera device: smart phones, DSLR cameras, compact cameras and others.

The wait is over and the KICK Android App is now launched.

KICK photo/video light

* Adjustable brightness and color temperature

* Full color (any color!)

* Animated light

* Built-in video effects

* Sampling of light effects from existing videos or directly from the world around you

* Multiple lights may be linked via WiFi

* Remote controlled via smart phone app

Here's a demo!

Check out KICK by Rift Labs – the most creative and feature rich photo/video light on the market:

Get this Android App for free from Google Play [ Via Rift Labs]

Are you getting a kick out of the KICK? Let others know via the Forums link below:

(cover photo credit: snap from Rift Labs)

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