Is the Canon EOS 1DC the “perfect” camera?

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When I first saw this article by our friends at Red Shark News: Canon EOS 1DC: Is this the “perfect” camera? it raised my usual reaction, “Really, is there such a thing? A “perfect” camera?”

What I learned was surprising. The Canon EOS 1D C records 4K video – the only DSLR that does as far as I know. Using MJPEG (motion jpeg) compression, it means that each of the thirty frames per second is an 8 megapixel jpeg and because this is one of, if not the best still camera on the market, the images (examples provided) are stunning.

Rated by the European Broadcast Union as “Tier 1,” meaning that the 1DC's video will is acceptable for broadcast, the Canon EOS 1DC straddles the top tier of both stills and video worlds. Not bad for a camera with a $12,000 price tag.

Is the Canon EOS 1D C the “perfect” camera?

From RedShark News:

The DSLR video revolution has turned a huge number of professional still photographers into video makers. Most of them still concentrate on still images but with the 1DC, with the same sort of kit you've always carried with you (ie a professional, heavy, no-compromise DSLR) you can make cinema-quality films as well. The footage you can get with the 1DC wouldn't look out of place in a National Geographical wildlife documentary. In fact, if you're in any breaking news situation and you have one of these, it's not difficult to see whose footage the broadcasters are going to choose. To put this in perspective, the European Broadcast Union has designated the video from the 1DC as “Tier 1”, which is their highest quality category, suitable for absolutely any broadcast use.

Canon EOS 1DC Perfect camera

To read the full story, visit RedShark News' article: Canon EOS 1DC: Is this the “perfect” camera?

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