Introducing the C-Box distribution amplifier

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Real world video shooting, when professionals are involved, means you have multiple people operating the camera and making decisions on set. They all need to see the camera signal, and since most cameras output a single HD-SDI output, the only way to provide signal to multiple viewers is with an HD-SDI video distribution amplifier.

Wooden camera makes three versions of their C-Box distribution amplifier, a 1 input, 4 output box.

The three variations handle different power setups – V mount, Gold mount, and an independent model that handles D-Tap and Mini-XLR power setups.

Watch the video from Wooden Camera to see which C-Box (HD-SDI, D-Tap) works for your production setup.

Wooden Camera Press Release

Introducing the C-Box

C-Box is a 1 input, 4 output, HD-SDI distribution amplifier. Each output is independently re-clocked and carries the same signal strength as the original. LED indicators are located on the operator's side to show status of power and signal. The C-Box can accept between 8-20 VDC and is available in three configurations:

C-Box (D-Tap) – Attaches between a mounting plate and Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate. Draws power from a D-Tap plug.

C-Box (V-Mount) – Attaches between a V-Mount and battery. Power is taken internally. RED data protocol is passed through to camera if present.

C-Box (Gold Mount) – Attaches between a Gold Mount and battery. Power is taken internally.


C-Box dtap


– Power Input 4 pin mini-XLR, 8-20 VDC .5A

– Included 4″ D-Tap to 4 pin mini-XLR cable

– LED indicator for Signal and Power on operator side

– Bolts to standard V-Mount, QRC-style Gold Mount, and RED/Blueshape mounting patterns

– Standard V-Mount, QRC-style Gold Mount, and RED/Blueshape plates can be bolted to the box itself

– 1/4-20 holes on top and bottom allow for attachment of rod clamps, cheeseplates, and other accessories

– Re-clocks standard SD, HD and 3G SDI data rates

– Auto bypasses non-standard SDI rates from 20Mbit/s to 3Gbit/s

– Passes SDI embedded audio and ancillary data

– Operating Temperature 0 to +40 C

– Operating Humidity 0 to 90% Non-Condensing

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For more information, visit C-Box (HD-SDI, D-Tap) [ Via Wooden Camera Press ]

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