Holiday treat (big discount) and latest innovation from Dynamic Perception

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Our friends over at Dynamic Perception have released quite a few new products this year and they're excited to give you a Holiday Treat – find out what that is by scrolling all the way down! But don't go so fast that you miss all of the great products along the way.

Dynamic Perception New Innovation

1. Carbon Fiber Stage One Extensions

What difference does a little carbon-fiber make? One a basic Stage One, with 2x 20″ extension sets, the CF version will weigh 2 lbs (0.9kg) less – and the weight savings goes up with the longer rails: a basic, 40″ Base Stage One with 40″ CF rails weighs only 4.6 lbs (2kg), with the motorized version weighing in at only 5.8 lbs! (2.6kg)

2. Brand new MX3 Motion Controller

MX3 Motion Controller is both a significant upgrade from the MX2 but also an outstanding platform for our future innovations.


Beauty and brains with room to evolve: The MX3 has four times the memory of the MX2 ( with the initial firmware release only takes up 30% of the available memory!) which means there's tons of room to grow. Control and navigation is easier than ever with a simplified menu system and more control brought directly onto the home screen. Busting limitations has always been our focus and the MX3's additional connection and control capabilities kicks doors wide open

3. AT2 Video controller

We are also taking leaps and bounds into the real-time video realm with not only swappable slower and faster motors but more inutive control at a great budget point.

Holiday Promotions!

We've put together a few new bundles based on popular demand. It's our economical Stage Zero ready-to-run package with installed quick change plate and swappable motor at a discount.

Save $130 with coupon code: Sub Zero

Stage Zero 6-foot Bundle w/Quick Change Motor System is the perfect package for filmmakers wanting to add motion-controlled timelapse and video footage.


We've also packaged together a super time-lapse and real-time video bundle. This is the cat's meow, the all inclusive professional moco bundle ready to launch you into the world of time-lapse and video motorized motion. It's the uber package at a substantial savings!

The uber Bundle: The biggest and most bad ass package for the Stage Zero


(cover photo credit: snap from Dynamic Perception)

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