Grab your gear at Jag35’s Winter SALE!

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JAg35 Winter Sale Event

Ring in the New Year with all new gear by taking advantage of our Jag35 Winter Sale! From now until the end of the month get 25% off your favorite Jag35 products, from Rigs to Baseplates and everything in between. Get the best gear for the filmmaker in your life with special pricing on all of our line of Jag35 products! But hurry this offer wont last!

*Note: D|Focus and Zacuto Products are not included

Here are some products you can purchase from Jag35

Shoulder Support Systems

JAg35 Winter Sale Event shoulder support

For on the go shooting whether it’s getting those smooth moving shots for a film, or getting footage at events, some sort of a support rig is necessary. Having a good over the shoulder rig lets you keep your camera steady for smooth shots. Having a comfortable, balanced setup, also lets you shoot long hours while combating fatigue. All of our rigs are made from sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and adhere to the industry standard 15mm rod system. This means you can mount a matte box, follow focus system, or any lighting and audio accessories you need easily, building yourself a complete, professional, over the shoulder camera kit

Camera Base Plates

JAg35 Winter Sale Event Base plate

Finding a sturdy and secure baseplate is a filmmakers first step when building their rig. With a baseplate you can mount your camera onto a tripod, attach accessories onto your camera, or use it as a starting point to build up your own custom rig. Jag35 has a variety of baseplates to choose from, giving cinematographers the ability to choose one that best fits their needs. All our Baseplates are made from sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and adhere to the industry standard 15mm rod system, making it easy to mount a follow focus system, matte box, or any lighting or audio accessories you may need.

To get 25% discount on your Jag35 product purchase, enter code WSALE35 upon checkout.

(cover photo credit: snap from the Jag35 Press)

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