Get “Big, Badass” high quality action sports and nature footage from Bigfootage

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Video Description

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All shots in this video are available for stock licensing.
This is our introductory Reel, showcasing a sampling of our Big, Badass Footage.

Bigfootage is a stock footage site, focused on high quality action sports and nature videos.

We deal exclusively in HD and RED RAW (R3D) formats.

FAQ: License Types

We offer both Open and Exclusive license options on every clip. Here's how it works: If you want non-exclusive rights to the clip you are purchasing, choose ‘Open' as the license type. This is cheaper than exclusive rights, and means that other people can also purchase the clip and use it in their projects too.

If you want exclusive rights to the clip, choose ‘Exclusive (1yr)' or ‘Exclusive (2yr)' from the license type dropdowns. This means that once you purchase this clip, it will immediately be taken down from and no one else can buy it for the duration of your licence.

Some clips will not have an exclusive license option as a choice in the license type dropdown. In this case, a clip has already been purchased with an Open license – it's out there in the world already. The exclusivity ship has sailed… woa, bummer.

For a complete list of their FAQ, visit BigFootage FAQs

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