FREE! DJI Preset and Fisheye lens correction for GoPro

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Maximiliaan Dierickx (website) sent me an intriguing little note the other day…

Willing to share my GoPro, DJI Phantom fix with the people for smooth and gentle images. 🙂

So I watched his video (below) and was blown away. I have seen CrumplePop's fisheye fixer for goPro and have used that for my goPro footage, but along comes Maximiliaan with another free option (tho this one is for After Effects).

So I had to ask him for more info and how to get it (his initial post on vimeo didn't give you the ‘how to' but now it does)


From Maximiliaan Dierickx:

So basically I’ve been looking for a good preset to get the footage from my DJI looking as good as possible. I honestly believe that, while the DJI is a really simple and cheap setup, you can achieve “okay” results with it. Especially with the help from applications like After Effects.

So I've made a little preset, which I'm willing to share with you guys. Remember, it's a free alternative to other paid versions on the market, which might do a better job, but this preset is just made with After Effects, and free at your disposal. Download it here:

In the video, I’m showing you first the RAW (step 1), then the Optical Compensation to get the Fisheye out of the GoPro in WIDE (step 2) (meaning I’m using the total width of the image) and then the Optical Compensation, Cropped and Stabilized (step 3), and that gives a really good and smooth image if you ask me.

In the download there are two presets for After Effects. First, and also the most smooth one, that crops your footage and is called “Smoothframe”, usable in 16:9 or any ratio. The other that gives you the complete width of the frame is called “Wideframe” but this preset requires you to use a 2:35 mask as in the preview, because it squeezes your image on both top and bottom. Wideframe works best when in flight, not when stationary. Just drag the files into your After Effects Presets folder and restart.

It’s not like real film or cinema, but it’s fun. 🙂

Final Result

The Setup

DJI Phantom v1.3
Zenmuse H3-2D
GoPro 3 – Protune 1080p 25p
Carbon propellers

I haven’t used an FPV in this setup so far. The colorgrading is high contrast black & white, so you can feel wobble or wiggle more, it's not obliged in any way. I do recommend a good grading with a good filmlike grain. It helps to hide all the little flaws that remain in your footage.

If you should have any questions: shoot!

by the way check out my website 😉

Download it here:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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