Extra lenses for the iPhone? YES! The iPro Lens Kit planet5D review

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    the iPro Lens kit for the iPhone 5 was sent to us by the good folks at Schneider Optics. Find out about them at iprolens.com

    I tested the iPro against the regular iPhone as well as the goPro 2 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III – you can see samples of all 3 cameras in video mode here in this review!

    If you're thinking about using your iPhone as part of your filmmaking kit, even if just for b-roll or behind-the-scenes, you'll want more lenses than just one right? After all, you're a filmmaker!

    iPro Lens Kit review

    Mini Review

    Very handy set of 3 lenses for your iPhone! A 2x tele, a super wide angle (closely matching the goPro) and a macro (for very close up work)

    Very good quality and I love the handle holding all the lenses. The case holds the iPhone securely and I love that I can attach my iPhone to a tripod or monopod and also have a handle to hand-hold (tho I'm a bit shaky so I will need to find some stabilization I think). Maybe that Cinevate Morpheus thing will be the key!

    Overall – excellent quality and the only thing I didn't like was the lens cap – there's no place to store it when not in use so I'll likely lose it. I'll be using this and so will my kids!

    Some Photos

    iPro 2x - Snow thru the front window

    iPro 2x – Snow thru the front window – click for full size!


    iPro super wide angle


    iPro 2x – snow in the back – click for full size!


    iPro Macro – click for full size!


    iPro Macro – click for full size!


    iPro Macro – click for full size!

    (cover photo credit: snap from the iPro lens site)

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