Experience 4k Now – the why and how of shooting 4k on the Canon EOS 1D C

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We've featured several things that Abraham Joffe has sent as they're always awesome! Abraham sent us this report on using the Canon EOS 1D C for 4k and he shared a couple of demos. The Darren Jew piece is extremely beautiful I think.

When Abraham told me about his post on processing 4k from the Canon EOS 1D C, I knew many of you would be interested… so here it is.
[tentblogger-vimeo 79268261]

The amazing life of Darren Jew – Canon Master and underwater photographer. His passion for photographing whales brings him back to Tonga year after year.

Video shot with two Canon EOS 1D C Cameras in 4K resolution.

Abraham Joffe talks about his experiences shooting in 4K

Canon EOS 1D C Stabilization

The stabilisation tools you are used to working with can become inadequate unless you are already using heavy duty models. For example, light sliders like CINEVATE’s FLT wont handle the weight of the 1DC, especially if working with sizeable lenses. I am a fan of the CINEVATE ATLAS10 for my sliding- its solid but has been the most reliable and performing slider I have owned.

Check out Abraham Joffe's Tips when shooting in 4K with the 1DC


We have successfully edited 4K content on Adobe Premiere CS6 and Edius7. For RED footage, the clear choice is Premiere as it has been well designed to handle the REDCineX codec and even allow direct manipulation of the Metadata source settings from within Premiere. But seeing as this is a 1DC focused blog, we’ll stick with Edius. Edius7 is not a hugely used NL software, but for the people who do work with it, love it. We have been editing with Edius for the past five years, having come from Premiere, and its been certainly the most stable and reliable editing program I’ve used. IT also has great power in mixing formats on the same timeline. Having said that, Premiere has come forward leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. (ever since FinalCut self-destructed) so I’d probably rate them equally now. If you want to read more about the awesomeness of Edius, you should check out the great blog of cinematographer Matt Scott who is an Edius wizard.

But as of the time of writing this blog, Edius7 is the only NL software I’m aware of that can handle the native 4K (4096x 2160) files from the Canon EOS 1D C. You will need a fairly beefy machine to handle the files without lag, with the recommended specs found on the Edius website

Abraham Joffe Edius7


Firstly, you must remember that 4K footage that is produced by the 1DC is shot in the Super35 Aspect ratio (1.896) so export settings that you may have saved for your usual applications like Vimeo and PlayStation need to be adjusted.

The main one being frame size. When down-sampling to HD remember to adjust the height of the clip by the same ratio as the width. So your 1920 file will remain that width but the height needs to be adjusted to 1012 (not 1080) It will result in a narrower or skinnier export which is the Super35 one. Thankfully Vimeo automatically recognises the aspect of files uploaded to it so there is nothing different about sending it online. (when exporting to the narrower aspect of 2:1 – which has been recently popularised by RED – you need to make this number 960. If you prefer the narrower look of 2:1, then there is no problem exporting your wider 1DC footage to this aspect, just ensure you tick the option to “crop” to fit this new aspect ratio, not resize to fit. And of course you’ll want to check that head-room and framing isn’t negatively affected buy this stripping of image top and bottom.

[tentblogger-vimeo 77739618]

This film above was down-sampled to S35-HD (1920×1012) from the original 1DC 4K (4096×2160)


Ok, not the most technical of answers, but you know what – I have listed this first for a reason. I think 4K rocks. I love it and Io love being passionate about my craft.

And of course that passion for what we do can become worn-down. How many of you found your passion for filmmaking re-ignited when DSLR’s first appeared? Remember how that excitement rubbed off on your clients? Passion can be infectious, and I have found the same thing happening again with 4K. I’ve even upgraded people to 4K production before even being able to show then the difference on screen, that’s how powerful genuine passion can be. (it also probably helps that every 2nd tv ad today is hyping-up 4K TVS!)

Click on image to see the original (untouched) 4K still frame

Click on image to see the original (untouched) 4K still frame

Learn more about shooting in 4K. Join Abraham Joffe's Cinematography Workshop taking place in Africa this year. [tentblogger-vimeo 77486735]

Read Untitled Films' entire article – there's much more!

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