Experience 25 Days of Christmas from LightLeakLove

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Been looking for “light leaks” to add to your video production? LightLeakLove is giving away some free light leaks in a 25 days of Christmas special. Read below for all details

LightLeakLove Press Release

2013 has been a magical year for us here at LightLeakLove.com.

After launching in March this year we immediately had a stellar response from editors & filmmakers, hobbyists & professionals alike.

Our products have been downloaded 1000's of times with warm & inspiring testimonials continuing to pour in.

This christmas we want to give back to the community that has supported us and really get into the spirit of giving.

LightLeakLove image 1

LightLeakLove Press Continued

Each day in December leading up to Christmas we will make available 1 free light leak effect which can be downloaded and used royalty free.

That's a whopping 25 light leaks in total, all with:

* Full HD resolution
* Available in 1080×1920
* Mac/PC compatibility
* Optically created, genuinely handmade.
* Drag and drop simplicity

No plug-ins needed!

This is our way of saying thanks for what has been a truly amazing year.

Visit LightLeakLove.com for more information.

(cover photo credit: snap from LightLeakLove)

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