Do you have clean water? Not everyone does! Help change that along with TheMusicBed

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Every year around the holidays, I am reminded (as I am just about every day) how blessed my family and I are and I encourage others to be thankful and to try to help others who are in need.

Today, I got this simple note from Daniel at TheMusicBed

I wanted to send you a quick update about a campaign that we launched today. We are partnering with an organization based out of NYC called Charity: Water. We’re hoping to raise $6,500 to give 65 families in Cambodia water filters so that they can have clean drinking water on a daily basis.

I’d love it if you would check out the campaign site and facebook

100% of every penny that we raise will go to fund water.

Thank you, thank you!!!

And let me tell you, tho they're not always traditional renditions, the music is very good and I thank TheMusicBed and the musicians who donated their time making the music.

Water for the Holidays - Donate and Get the Free Holiday Sampler - The Music Bed

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