Choosing Canon EOS C100 over a RED

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UPDATE – don't know how I messed up the title, but it now reflects the content appropriately – sorry!

I found this interesting article about a RED Scarlet user who decided it was better for him to switch from the Scarlet to the Canon EOS C100. I think he's got some pretty valid reasoning.

What do you think?

Of course, I think some of the issues involve post processing and color grading, but the original source is very different between the cameras.

From Fstoppers:

The RED Scarlet is easily one of the best cameras to come out in the past 5 years. The fact that I owned and shot with the same camera as Peter Jackson or David Fincher without going into debt is incredible. That being said, I feel that the RED wasn’t a good fit for me and hurt my creativity and content.

I’ve learned that you should buy a camera based off of your own needs, not your idols’ needs.

Movies like The Social Network may look amazing, but owning a RED doesn’t mean that your footage with look anything like David Fincher’s. Sometimes less is more. In my case, I’d much rather shoot with a $6,000 rig than a $20,000 rig.

Read the complete story on Fstopper's article: “Why I Sold My RED and Downgraded to a C100

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