Canon 5D Mark III HDMI / USB Port Protector by SmallHD

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SmallHD is attempting to make a port protector for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III – they have one available for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, but weren't sure of the market for the 5D3 version, so they've asked the market for advice (that market being you guys and gals)… if they can get enough funding thru Kickstarter, then the 5D3 version will come to life!

Get out there and vote with your wallet!

Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector by SmallHD

What does this $40 product do?

The Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector saves your camera's fragile HDMI and USB ports from serious internal damage if either cable get seriously snagged (typically a $1000 repair fee).

Additionally, it prevents sudden signal loss (which can truly ruin an awesome shot) by locking the HDMI and/or USB cables into the camera body.

Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector Image 1

Key Features:

* Based on our battle tested 5D Mark 2 Port Protector (see video)

* Only $40 on KickStarter (other solutions start at $100)

* Protects your 5D Mark III's HDMI and USB ports from damage

* Holds HDMI & USB cables securely in place

* Super lightweight (about 1 oz.)

* Does NOT interfere with other ports or 1/4″ 20 tripod thread

* No tools required—fast installation

* No extra accessories required (like baseplates) to attach

* Mimics the natural appearance of the camera

* Comes with 1.5ft. HDMI to mini-HDMI cable for 5D

Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector Image 2

How will I install the Port Protector?

The Port Protector installs easily on the camera without the use of any tools. Below is a video demonstration showing how to install the Mark II (2) version. The Mark III (3) version will attach the same way:

Some things to consider…

* This product will only work with the Canon 5D Mark III (3).

* This product will NOT work in tandem with the 5D battery grip or neck strap.

* This product WILL work fine on tripods and other mounts as it does not consume the 1/4″ mount like other port protectors.

* The Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector works with SmallHD HDMI cables and the Canon 5D USB cable. Other cables may work with this product, but have not been tested.

* The Port Protector will ship with a 1.5 foot HDMI cable.

Check out more information on Canon 5D Mark III HDMI / USB Port Protector's Product Campaign on Kickster.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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