Bringing Sunshine to a Town That Spends Six Months in the Dark

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Bobby Goulding has a really interesting documentary passion project – the story of a Norwegian artist who's bringing sunlight to a town that spends half the year in shadow.

He's exploring the psychology of people who spend extended periods of time without sunlight.

I can't imagine what it's like to spend six months out of the year without feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin!

Find out more on Goulding's Kickstarter campaign.

Moving The Sun by Bobby Goulding

Message from Bobby Goulding:

The film is a psychological exploration of a small Norwegian town called Rjukan, which lives through 6 months of darkness every year.

The town has received much international press recently due to a ground-breaking project, where a local artist has installed 3 giant mirrors to reflect sunlight back into the town.

I think that Planet 5D is such a fantastic resource for DSLR filmmakers, and I think you are doing wonderful work, hats off to you!! I find the site incredibly useful, as all of the information is concise, relevant so well presented. Thank you!!

We will be shooting the entire film on 2 5D’s using only natural light. We will using 2 Zoom H4N’s for audio, and will be producing an original music score built from environmental foley. Our equipment choice is due to both budget and shooting practicality.

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The Mirror Project

From Kickstarter:

Rjukan has attracted lots of international press recently due to an exciting project to bring sunlight to the town in winter months. The idea of using mirrors to reflect sunlight back into the town from the mountains was conceived over 100 years ago by a resident and worker in Rjukan called Oscar Kittilsen. The idea was not technically possible at the time, so a cable car was built instead to give residents and workers a route into the sun.

After 13 years of research, planning and dedication, local artist Martin Andersen finally made the mirrors a reality this winter. We visited the town on a research trip in November, and saw the mirrors just after their completion. Besides being a feat of engineering and a nod to Norwegian determination and ingenuity, they are an almost biblical spectacle, and clearly light up more than the town square upon which they are focused.

Check out the full Kickstarter Campaign: Moving The Sun by Bobby Goulding

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Also see this great article by Jon Henley from The Guardian, who we met in Rjukan during our research trip in November.

Every penny you pledge will go towards the completion of this film. We have got this far independently, and now we want your help to make this a reality. We have chosen to put this project on Kickstarter, because we wholeheartedly believe in the power of collaboration, and we want wonderful people like you involved!!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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