Big Year-End Sale from Midas Mount

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From our friends at Midas Mount:

“We are close to halfway done with Kickstarter fulfillment on the SnapFocus products. We spent way more money than we raised on Kickstarter redesigning and getting the SnapFocus and HitchHiker into production and this sale will help us get across the finish line.”

Midas Mount Press Release

Midas Mount announced steep discounts up to $300 on their line of camera support products for independent filmmakers including the SkaterailSlider Camera Slider, the HitchHiker Shoulder Support Rig and the SnapFocus Follow Focus System, a revolutionary technology which gives filmmakers true grip-level focus control for DSLR, RED, BMCC or any fixed-lens camera—in a beautiful all-new design of CNC machined, bead-blasted, laser-engraved anodized aluminum. The SkaterailSlider Camera Slider System, SnapFocus Follow Focus System and HitchHiker Shoulder Support products have been discounted as much as $100 and the complete SnapFocus rig (SnapFocus Follow Focus System and HitchHiker Shoulder Rig) is available at $300 off for the low price of $999. The deals can only be found at

Snap focus midas mount year end sale

Midas Mount Press Continued

“The SnapFocus is an intuitive way for humans to interact with cameras,” said Brandon David Cole, a feature filmmaker and ex-professional BMX rider who married his passion for filmmaking and knowledge of bicycle mechanics when he devised a way to actuate focus with brake levers with the help of his neighbor Harry Gramig, a retired inventor and machinist.


The SnapFocus Follow Focus System consists of a set of brake levers and brake cables that allow filmmakers to control focus at the grip level of a handheld camera support rig without using a focus pulling assistant or losing camera stability.

“The SnapFocus technology sets a new standard for motion picture image capture,” said Cole, Midas Mount’s co-founder and co-inventor of the SnapFocus Technology. “It’s a breakthrough idea that will empower filmmakers with the ability to pull off Hollywood cinematography as a one-man-band indie filmmaker.”

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