Astro Design introduces the world’s smallest 8K Camera

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8K? Most of us are just getting used to the idea of 4K image capture and production. Dan Chung, editor at Newshooter interviews Taku Tsukamoto of Astro Design in this article, Inter BEE 2013: Live Show Replay: AstroDesign Working 8K Camera Shown.

Targeting Japanese broadcasters for upcoming 8K broadcasts, the camera was operational and, according to Dan who said he's not a big 4K or 8K format advocate, the images are very impressive.

In this video report, Mr. Tsukamoto said that Japanese broadcasters will start testing 8K broadcasting in 2016, and in 2020 8K broadcasting will commence. I guess we have a little time before we face yet another quantum leap in video resolution that will require new cameras, editing hardware, monitors, etc.

Astro Design introduces the world's smallest 8K Camera

From Dan Chung at News Shooter:

There was a big show of 8K equipment from Japanese firm Astro Design at Inter BEE 2013. Astro may not be a household name but they have been around since 1977. Their new camera was designed for use by Japan’s NHK network as they move towards 8K transmission in the future. The camera itself has quite a small head unit to which recorders and other accessories are added. In many ways the design is reminiscent of the Sony F5 and F55.

For the full post, visit News Shooter's article: Inter BEE 2013: Live Show Replay: AstroDesign Working 8K Camera Shown

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(cover photo credit: snap from News Shooter)

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