Amazing LightPainting Product Shots with iPhone and iPad

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Really innovative and creative people never cease to amaze me. Laya Gerlock is such a creative photographer – his command of light (in a totally dark room) includes light painting with his smart phone and using his iPad to wipe patterns for unique, dramatic backgrounds.

In this Petapixel article, Incredible Light Painting Product Shots Lit Using Only an iPad and an iPhone you can check out the video and see raw creativity for yourself.

From Petapixel:

The project was undertaken by photographer Laya Gerlock, who shared his work through the folks at DIYPhotography. Basically, one night, he came up with a simple challenge for himself: light paint using only the iGadgets he had on hand. What he settled on was using his iPhone to light the subject itself, while using the iPad for background patterns.

To continue reading the post, visit Petapixel's article: Incredible Light Painting Product Shots Lit Using Only an iPad and an iPhone

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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