A timelapse journey from Montana to Arizona covering a year and a half

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Andrew Walker is doing some stunning timelapse work! This is yet another example of his work and please take a few minutes to absorb what is going on in this astounding work.

Timelapse has come so far in the last 5 years!

Journey Part 1


From Andrew Walker:

This timelapse video is a collection of footage shot over the last year and a half around the western half of the United States. The shots ranged from very different locations. From Montana to Arizona and most weren't easy to get to but of course that makes them worth going to. The locations captured ranged in temps of 100 degrees to -9 degrees and in elevations of 12,000 feet to 225 feet below sea level. It took over 15,000 captured still images to make this video.

I would like to thank the companies that provided motion control equipment.


The TB3 eMotimo that I used along with the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero was a huge help in getting some of these shots.

Music: “Journey to the Line” Artist: Hans Zimmer

Website: 599productions.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/Drew599

There will be a follow up video to this one that will cover the urban aspect.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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