Storygami: A new approach to interactive online videos

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As predicted, online video has exploded. You can watch videos by the billions, and more companies are hiring film makers to create videos for promotion, education, and entertainment. But, like the promised but yet-to-be-delivered hover cars, true interactivity in online video is still a fantasy.

Sure, you can add hot spots and annotations to videos, but where is the ability to click on a dress and be transported to a store where you can buy it? What about clicking on a character in a historical drama and get a quick bubble with information and links to learn more?

Well, that's the potential Richard Branson saw when the founders of Storygami presented their concept and were asked to make a web series for Virgin Media Pioneers. Retailers, historians, scientists, educators and anyone wishing to connect a video to anywhere on the Internet, or to make something in a video available for purchase should stay abreast of this exciting technology by visiting the Storygami web site.

About Storygami

At Storygami we help individuals and brands make interactive online videos. We use a term called “layered video” for our approach. What this means is that we add elements that the audience can interact with over the top of online videos. These elements become visible only when they are triggered by the viewer or user. All these layered elements appear within the video screen itself and they are unlike pop-ups in that they are designed to enhance your viewing experience and not to distract. One of our first commissions was with Virgin Media in the UK where we produced a six part web series using our technology.

You can view the series here:

Storygami was founded by Guy Gunaratne and Heidi Lindvall_On the line

The story behind Storygami

Storygami was founded by Guy Gunaratne and Heidi Lindvall. They pitched their business idea to Sir Richard Branson by submitting their entry to his “Pitch to Rich” competition.They received a good feedback from the panel who were impressed by the prototype they showed and were offered some financial backing to assist them in developing their layered video technology. [tentblogger-youtube iYGRQDcnGYY] [ Via Storygami ] [ Via Virgin Media ] Could you use interactivity in your videos? Let others in on your thoughts by clicking on the Forums link below.

(cover photo credit: snap from Virgin Media )

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